Segway Scene Tour through the so-called "Scheunenviertel"

Our new Segway tour - quick, rich in history and exciting

The name "Scheunenviertel" derives from several barns (Scheunen) erected here outside the city walls in 1670 by order of Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg. The barns were used to store hay in connection to a large cattle market at nearby Alexanderplatz. In 1737 King Frederick William I of Prussia required Berlin Jews to settle here. Until the Second World War it was regarded as a slum district and had a substantial Jewish population with a high proportion of migrants from Eastern Europe.

Now the unique charm of the “Scheunenviertel” attracts locals and tourists. The art, culture, fashion and gourmet scene is wide. In addition, there are a lot of trendy boutiques, bars and still a red-light district. There is to discover infinitely things to Berlin's history, architecture, art and commerce.

On the Segway tour we drive through this 350 year old part of Berlin, partly preserved Neighborhood, see former infamous Berlin backyards - now mostly art and gallery courtyards, niches for start-ups and in-gastronomy - a ballroom from the 19th century, emerging fashion labels, a new theater world and people from all over the world.

Here you will experience Jewish life in Berlin with its breakages since 1671 to today. 


Sights along the Tour


More details

Price per Person
2 or more participants € 35.00.
Tour Times Tour times on demand.
Start and End Point Dorotheenstra├če 30 10117 Berlin


Conditions of Participation

  1. Participation in our tours is at your own risk and peril.
  2. If after following the introduction to the operation of the Segway, you are not confident with driving the Segway, you will be refunded half of the tour price.
  3. In case of steady rain the tour is canceled. The charge of the tour is refunded. Vouchers used for payment stay valid.
  4. Segway drivers must have a minimum weight of 45 kg, and a maximum weight of 118 kg.
  5. Tours can be rebooked on demand. Short time cancelations from three days in advance of the tour are charged with 20% of the tour price. At the tour day no cancelation or rebooking is possible.
  6. Segway drivers must hold a valid drivers licence, which they have to carry at any time.
  7. Segway driving requires no special skills. The tour participants should be able to step onto the Segway (height 21 cm) without assistance, which roughly corresponds to the capacity of independently climbing a staircase without railings. Segway-driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is not permitted.
  8. Though not obligatory, helmets are recommended and available for free on demand.
  9. The Segways have a liability insurance. The insurance covers only damage to property, physical injuries, and economic losses of third parties. The coverage does not apply to willful, reckless and unlawful causing of the damage by the tour participants. In this case, the tour participant is fully liable.